LTV4 – Vanilla Laser Tag Solo w/ Flags

aka Solo Flag


Equipment needed:

Minumum 4 taggers.   Recommended number of players: 6 to 10

Recommended Taggers:  Multiple sets of Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Packs

Anything that can be used as a flag, as in flag football.  Tube socks will do.   1 sock for each player.


How to Play:

  1.  Find a wide open outdoor space – backyard, park, picnic area of a forest preserve
  2.  Everyone meet in a middle neutral area to sync up the taggers.   Make sure all players set their taggers to Solo play.
  3. Each player tucks one tube sock to the right side of their pants, as you would if you were playing flag football.
  4.  Everyone presses their triggers at the same time.  This sets off the 10 second countdown voice.
  5. Everyone runs like heck to get away from the other players and let the games begin!!
  6. Start firing at anyone in order to eliminate them.
  7. When a player is out of lives, they stand where they are, with their arm and hand holding the tagger in the air.  This signals to the other players that you are eliminated.
  8. Any other player can now attempt to take your flag.
  9. You must stand in the same place until your flag is taken or until the game has ended.  When your flag is taken, you may now walk back to an out-of-play neutral area, where you will remain until the game ends.
  10.  Game play ends when only one player remains.


Game Duration:

15 minutes



The last player standing receives 3 points

Each flag an individual captures = 1 point for that player.

If time runs out and there is no clear winner, then everyone still alive receives 1 point.  Flags are still worth 1 point each.

Each player has a cumulative point total for the entire Laser Tag Session, which generally is a minimum of 4 games.