LTV3 – Vanilla Laser Tag w/ Flags

aka VLT Flag

Equipment Needed:

An even number of taggers.  Minumum 4.   Recommended number of players: 6 or 8

Recommended Taggers:  3 to 4 sets of Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Packs

Anything that can be used as a flag, as in flag football.  Tube socks will do.   1 sock for each player.


How to Play:

  1.  Find a wide open outdoor space – backyard, park, picnic area of a forest preserve
  2.  Split up in to 2 teams of the same number of players.  If you’re using the Phoenix taggers, you can split up in to a Gold Team and a Blue Team.  Two captains are chosen to pick teams.
  3. Each player tucks one tube sock to the right side of their pants, as you would if you were playing flag football.
  4.  Everyone meet in a middle neutral area to sync up the taggers.   Make sure all of the players on each team set their taggers to the same team number  ie All of the Gold Team sets their taggers to Team 1 and all of the Blue Team sets their taggers to Team 2.
  5.  Everyone presses their triggers at the same time.  This sets off the 10 second countdown voice.
  6. Everyone runs like heck to get away from the other team and let the games begin!!
  7. Start firing at the other team in order to eliminate them.
  8. When a player is out of lives, they stand where they are, with their arm and hand holding the tagger in the air.  This signals to the other players that you are eliminated.
  9. A member of the other team can now attempt to take your flag.
  10. You must stand in the same place until your flag is taken or if the game has ended.  When your flag is taken, you may now walk back to an out-of-play neutral area, where you will remain until the game ends.
  11.  If all of the players on a team are eliminated, the other team wins the game!


Game Duration:

15  minutes



Each player on the winning team receives 3 points if you’re still in and 2 points if you’re out.

+1 point if you’re the captain of the winning team.

Each flag an individual captures = 2 points for that player.  *Must be a flag of a player from the opposing team.

If time runs out and there is no clear winner, then everyone still alive receives 1 point.  Flags are still worth 2 points each.

Each player has a cumulative point total for the entire Laser Tag Session, which generally is at a minimum 4 games.


And remember…

Per The Raffle, each point = 1 raffle ticket.



Ok, I hope you can all see how this can get pretty awesome.  Like I’ve said, it’s almost impossible to play just one game.  But I needed a way to get less skillful players to stay engaged.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not even close to being the best Laser Tag player.  There are friends and family of mine who are far more accurate, faster, stealthier(?), etc than me.   But, boy can I pick a team!

The elements of strategy that gets introduced by including flags and points for raffle tickets make picking a team so much fun for those strategically inclined.

Think back to the gym class days when they were picking teams for, let’s say, kickball.

It was pretty simple, right?  You picked the best players first, then the next best, then the next best, then your buddy who’s pretty terrible…but hey, he’s your friend etc.

But it’s not that simple in Laser Tag.

Well, not if you want to maximize your chances at winning that raffle prize…which, when me and my friends and family play, we make sure to be a really awesome prize. eg  money$$$, one of the taggers, an I-pad…Anything cool!

Remember points = raffle tickets.

Which means the players with the most raffle tickets are the players that have earned the most points by winning games, staying alive, capturing flags.

So who is it that you really want on your team??

I’ll just leave you with that for now….and we can talk strategy in a later article. 😉


Advanced Variation:

Each team plays with their own colored flags/socks (eg one team has white, the other blue).

When a player is tagged out, a member of his own team can capture that player’s flag in order to prevent a member of the opposing team from capturing his teammates’ flag.

No points are awarded for capturing your own teammate’s flag.