Choosing Teams and what variation of Laser Tag to play

So if it’s not abundantly clear already, I’m all about The Raffle.

In a given Laser Tag Session, you’re bound to play multiple games of Laser Tag.  Whether it’s a family gathering, kid’s party, bachelor party (yes..bachelor party), it doesn’t matter.

With all the different variations of game play, we needed to come up with a nice, simple and fair way to pick teams.

If you’ve been following me thus far with the prize raffling, the flags, and the points, this is the easiest way I’ve found to select games and teams:

  1.  At the beginning of a Laser Tag session, toss in a raffle ticket for every person playing.  We just write the name of the person on the raffle ticket.
  2. As new players show up, toss in a raffle ticket for them as well.

The first game of any Laser Tag Session is a Team Game

  1.  Draw two raffle tickets.  The players whose tickets are drawn are the first two captains.
  2. The player whose ticket was drawn first gets first pick, the other player gets next two.
  3. Then they alternate picks until they fill up their team.
  4. Those raffle tickets are now void and not to be used again.

It’s that simple.

For each subsequent game…

  1.  The raffle tickets earned from the previous game are thrown into the mix
  2.  One raffle ticket is drawn.  That person chooses what variation they want to play.  If it’s a team game, that person is a captain, and another ticket needs to be drawn for the other captain.  Follow the team picking instructions above.
  3. If the player’s choice is a solo variation, go ahead and just get the game started.
  4. Again, those raffle tickets are now void and not to be used again.

You don’t need anything fancy for raffle tickets.  Torn-off folded pieces of paper will do.  If you want to make things look super legit, you can always buy a roll of raffle tickets here.



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