About Laser Tag Advisor

Laser Tag Advisor is a resource website for just about anything related to laser tag home use, as opposed to laser tag at a laser tag arena (which is awesome as well, but very different)

This site was created out of concern that the kids in our family were spending too much time in front of screens (i-pad, phone, tv, video games etc) and not enough time outdoors and playing, like we had done way back in a magical time known as the 80’s.

After some research, we thought laser tag would be something right up the kids’ alley.  After all, it was somewhat similar to the shoot ‘em up video games they loved to play, except with the added benefit of running around outside and getting some exercise.  Little did we know, that not only they would love it, but that we’d love it as well!

Our family became obsessed with laser tag:  the best laser tag guns, laser tag accessories, creative and different ways to play laser tag, even non-laser tag related items that could be integrated into game play.

This site is basically a collection of our reviews and articles of our best ideas related to laser tag home use.  Whether it be which laser tag guns we recommend or our favorite game variations, there’s a little bit of everything for all levels and ages of laser tag enthusiast.

Thank you for visiting our site and learning a little bit more about us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback!